Nadine Maturine – REALTOR®

  • Phone:(770) 310-7241

I have about 30 years of combined experience in Finance and Accounting that allows me to host a very unique perspective when it comes to helping my clients.

My path began at Baruch College School of Business in New York, and took me from a career in the investment banking industry to today as a real estate professional.

Having lived locally and survived many life's lessons and chapters, I feel that I can provide compassion to my clients. Divorcing? I've seen it a couple times and can relate to my clients' situation, and by staying neutral as the couple begin that journey truly helps to keep tension down. Downsizing? It can be the most emotional chapter in a person's life, and being aware of my clients' emotions as they grieve and prepare to move out relieves a lot of the stress. Relocating? I have moved from 2 other states before settling in Georgia, and understanding the impact a move has on the family, including pets, allows me to help them acclimate more quickly to a new area or move to another.

My willingness to put in the hard work is what sets me apart. Putting in that hard work for my clients or colleagues is how I know I’m doing what I can to stay ahead of the competition.

For me, real estate is so much more than just the actual sale. It’s about connecting. It’s about being there for people and making sure I do everything I can to help. Being myself and remembering where I have come from has helped me become the person I am. Now, it will help me to guide people to where they are going.

I always try to learn something new every day that can better myself. I’ve never been shy to ask questions or to try to learn new ways to do something from others. I continuously study my field and practice ways to keep perfecting my craft.

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